To aid the education of all students in the Weatherly Area School District and to offer a $15,000 scholarship to a Weatherly Area High School Student attending a four year college.

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Congratulations to Lilli Kunkle, 2021 Scholarship Winner


WAHSAA Sch. Winner 2021 



Date: May 12, 2021 Contact:  Sue Ann Gerhard
WAHSAA  - Scholarship Comm.
                          Phone: 570-570-582-0021
Kunkle Named WAHSAA Scholarship Winner 2021
The Weatherly Area High School Alumni Association recently announced the 2021 WAHSAA Scholarship recipient.  Lilli Kunkle, daughter of Judy & Brian Kunkle, Weatherly has been awarded the $15,000 scholarship from her graduating class.  
          Kunkle serves as Treasurer for the Class of 2021 as well as Treasurer of the Interact Club and Student Government Association along with Secretary of the Kindness Club. She is a member of the National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society.  
          Lilli is a member of the Varsity Cheerleading Team and serves as manager of the boys’ soccer team.  
          Volunteering comes as a second nature to Lilli while helping at Heritage Hill Senior Living Center, St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen, Family Promise of Carbon County, Carbon County Animal Shelter, and the Little Wreckers Winter Cheer Clinic.  She has been awarded the All-American Cheerleader and Pin It Forward by UCA (Universal Cheerleaders Association).
          In the community Lilli volunteers at the Vacation Bible School, PTA Book Fair, Weatherly Festival, Summer Meal Program, Weatherly Hillclimb , Read Across America Day, and Tweedle Park clean-up.  She is currently employed at the Weatherly Country Inn.
          Graduating ninth in her class of 2021, she has achieved Principal’s honors every marking period through high school. 
          Lilli will be attending West Chester University in the Fall, where she will be study Psychology and Criminal Justice. 
          The Scholarship Fund has been established in the name of the Weatherly Area High School Alumni Association. The Scholarship Committee of that Association devised the guidelines and plan of operation contained herein. The wealth of the fund has been built over the years by contributions and donations made by people and organizations interested in education. This money has been invested in various instruments which make up the Principal of the Fund. 
The Association desires that the investment interest from the Fund be used only to provide scholarships to Weatherly Area School District students and who graduate from Weatherly Area High School or the Carbon County Vocational Technical School. The scholarship is to be used for extended education at an institution of higher education or a more specialized institution of learning, which shall be approved by the Scholarship Program Committee. Members are:  Mrs. Sue Ann Gerhard, Mr. Brian O’Donnell, Mrs. Carol Hill, Mrs. Barbara Sandt, Mrs. Theresa D’Andrea, Mrs. Betty Henry, Mr. Chris Henritzy, Mrs. Barbara Sipler and Mrs. Sarah Minnick, Guidance Counselor.
          The scholarship was established in 1998, and the following have received this award:
1998 – Sarah Hamm; 1999 – Raymond Marcero; 2000 – Erin Lesko; 2001 – Angela Petrone; 2002 – Courtney Hadzick; 2003 – Lindsey Hinkle; 2004 – Kerri Romig; 2005 – Jeremy Leach; 2006 – James Somers; 2007 – Joshua Titus; 2008 – Jennifer Miller; 2009 Amanda Bartosevich; 2010 – Melanie Clabia; 2011 – Mia Cavello; 2012 – Matthew Caccese; 2013 – Heather Cichowic; 2014 – Rachel Moon; 2015 – Catherine Strizak; 2016 – Muskan Khatiwala; 2017 – Breena Coxe; 2018 – Samantha Knepper; 2019 – Nikki Polivka;  2020 - Alianna Hernandez; Lilli Kunkle 2021.
Other scholarships given by the association and alumni are:  
$4,000 Wilbur (Tim) Frable Memorial Scholarship – Ashley James; $2,500 Harry & Loretta Allison Award – Amanda Colecio; $1,000 Hugo Paul Family Memorial Award – Madilyn Hinkle; $1,000 Anna Raynock Memorial Scholarship – Kelly Royer; $500 – Luke Derr; $500 – Ethan Broskoskie; $250 – Antonio Colecio; $250 – Grace Miller; - $125 – Olivia Hirko; $125 – Shayla Heintczman.
          Pictured above (l to r) Sue Ann Gerhard, WAHSAA Scholarship chairperson; Lilli Kunkle, scholarship recipient; Brian O’Donnell, WAHSAA President



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 Previous Scholarship Award Winners

2020 - Alianna Hernandez
2018 - Samantha Knepper
2016 - Muskan Khatiwala
2014 - Rachel Moon
2012 - Matthew John Caccese
2010 - Melanie Clabia
2008 - Jennifer Miller
2006 - James Somers
2004 - Kerri Romig
2002 - Courtney Hadzick
2000 - Erin Lesko
1998 - Sarah Hamm


2021 - Lilli Kunkle
2019 - Nikki Polivka
2017 - Brena Coxe
2015 - Catherine Strizak
2013 - Heather Cichowic
2011 - Mia Cavello
2009 - Amanda Bartosevich
2007 - Joshua Titus
2005 - Jeremy Leach
2003 - Lindsey Hinkle
2001 - Angela Petrone
1999 - Ray Marcero