About Weatherly Area High School Alumni Association (WAHSAA)

Formed in 1992 (as a successor to the Weatherly Citizens Committee in Weatherly who guided the restoration and placement of the
Mrs. C.M. Schwab painting in the new high school) the Weatherly Area High School Alumni Association (WAHSAA) is an organization made up of individuals who attended the Weatherly Area School District at any grade level. (Graduation is not a requirement)  Associate Members are individuals who support the mission and purpose of the Association.  The Association celebrated its 25th Anniversary on October 8, 2017.  The Wrecker logo is the official logo of Weatherly Area High School Alumni  Association, is licensed and registered trademark of the Weatherly Area High School Alumni Association and may not be used without written consent of the board of directors of the Weatherly Area High School Alumni Association. Assets total  $612,579.07 as of October 26, 2020.


Annual dues are $10.00 per member (or associate member)
Lifetime Membership (ages 18 to 59)  $250
Lifetime Membership (ages 60 and above)  $100
Weatherly Area High School Alumni Association (WAHSAA) is a 501 (c) (3) registered non-profit.



PO Box 37, Weatherly, PA. 18255


The purpose of the WAHSAA is to provide scholarships and awards to seniors in the Weatherly Area High School and to help support and finance worthwhile school activities.


A $2,500 Harry & Loretta Allison Award is available to any senior who is planning to attend a two year college or technical school. This is paid in semester installments of $500 each. A $1,000 Hugo Paul Family Award is awarded to the 2nd runner up of the $15,000 scholarship winner. A $4,000 Wilbur (Tim) Frable ((Founding Father)) Memorial Scholarship is awarded to the 1st runner up of the $15,000 scholarship winner. These too, are paid in semester installments. $550 Anna Raynock Scholarship to any senior planning on a nursing career.  Various other awards in the amounts of $500, $250, and $100 are given to qualifying students.


A newsletter is mailed to all members 4 times a year, during the months of February, April, July, and November

Board of Directors    

Brian O'Donnell, President

Sue Ann Gerhard, Vice-President

Jennifer O'Donnell, Treasurer

Sarah Hamm, Recording Secretary

 Stephen M. Thompson, Corresponding Secretary

Bette Rambaran, Membership Secretary


Theresa D'Andrea

Celine Gerhart

Betty Henry

Barbara Sipler

Ron Bittner

Brian O'Donnell, Ambassador 


Scholarship Committee   Memorial Day Dinner Committee

Sue Ann Gerhard, Chairperson

Betty Henry

Carol Hill

Barbara Sandt

Barbara Sipler

Theresa D'Andrea

Chris Henritzy

Brian O'Donnell

Anthony DeSpirito, High School Principal

Sarah Minnick, High School Guidance Counselor



Yvonne Felker, Chairperson

Celine Gerhart

Sarah Hamm

Barbara Sipler

Jane Suitch

Theresa D'Andrea

Stephen Thompson


Mailroom Committee   Finance Committee

Betty Henry

Celine Gerhart 




Ronald H. Bittner, Chief Financial Officer

Brian O'Donnell

Jennifer O'Donnell

Stephen Thompson

Deborah A. Kohler, C.P.A. Association Accountant

Eric Mattei, AAMS, AWMA, AIF; Investment Director

Thomas W. Siegendall, AAMS; Investment Director

Robert Allison, Primerica, Investment Director


Webmaster Committee   Nominating Committee


 Stephen Thompson, Chairperson

Sarah Hamm



Theresa D'Andrea, Chairperson

Georgeann Herling

Beverly Kunkel


By-law Committee    


Sarah Hamm, Chairperson

Brian O'Donnell

Steve Thompson